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The course aims to serve as an introduction to concepts and techniques related to managing large amounts of data, mostly---but not exclusively---with the help of Database Managements Systems (DBMS). As far as DBMS are concerned, the course covers those aspects of DBMS that are most relevant to their use; the concepts and techniques related to implementation of DBMS are only convered to the extent that they have a significant impact on the effective use of DBMS. The course mainly focuses on relational DBMS and their query language SQL.

The topics covered include:

The above topics are going to be partially covered in the lectures; however, to get a full understanding of the topics, you will have to do the readings. The readings will include chapters from a prescribed textbook as well as research papers.

Prior knowledge assumed

We assume that the student has the ability to write programs in a high-level programming language, is familiar with the fundamental concepts of discrete mathematics such as sets, relations, and first-order logic, and is familiar with the most important algorithms and data structures.

Course instructor

Dr. Dmitry Shkatov

dmitry.shkatov -AT-

Office: MSB 105

Office hours: Thursdays 13:15--14:15 or by appointment


Thursdays 10:15--12:00 in MSL 111


Thursdays 12:30--13:15 in MSL 111



Midterm exam -- 20%
Homeworks -- 40%
Final exam -- 40%

Midterm exam

The midterm exam will be written in the the week before the Fall study break (i.e., the week starting on 20 March 2017). This is a closed-book exam.


There will be two homework assignments that will be graded and will contribute 40% to the final grade. The assignments will be submitted through the course's GitHub page. Instructions for submission of homework assignments can be found here.


The course concludes with a final closed-book exam.



Raghu Ramakrishnan and Johannes Gehrke. Database Management Systems. 3rd edition. (R&G)


Jeffrey D. Ullman and Jennifer Widom. A First Course in Database Systems. 3rd edition. (U&W)

Computing Resources

You will be using Linux machines in the Mathematical Sciences labs. The machines will be equipped with all the software needed for the course.

Collaboration Policy

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